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About Us

At Saans Healthcare, we look beyond technology to the experiences of patients,providers & physicians across the patient journey. By understanding their needs, we unlock insights leading to solutions for the most meaningful moments of care, whether in the hospital or the home.

Saans Healthcare provide innovative solutions that treat & keep people out of the hospital, empowering them to live healthier,higher quality lives. By enabling better care, we improve quality of life,reduce the impact of chronic disease and lower cost for patient and healthcare system.

Presently , we are supplying our range of products all over India including major Government Hospitals,Private Hospitals,Medical Colleges etc..We offer a wide range of medical devices , like CPAP, Bi PAP,Oxygen Concentrator, Ventilator, Non Invasive Ventilator, Nebulizer,Pulse Oxymeter, Air Beds, Portable Oxygen Cylinders , Portable Oxygen Cans, Vital Sign Monitors & DVT Pumps etc.... We are also doing Home Sleep Study/Polysomnography Test.

Our Mission : Our mission is to change millions of lives in the field of Sleep & Respiratory Care. We are proud to deal in devices that give those with Sleep Apnoea, COPD and other respiratory diseases the gift of breath.

Our Vision : Saans Healthcare was established with the primary objective in mind to offer most affordable & reliable Sleep & Respiratory Care Devices to the patients in india.